The Top 3 Items to Splurge on to Build a Great Wardrobe of Men’s Suits and Accessories

If we all had unlimited budgets to build our wardrobe this list would not be necessary, We would simply buy the items that are built to a standard and what ever they cost, they cost. In men’s tailored clothing those prices can be quite exorbitant. For the vast majority of us this is not an option. Very few people are capable nor should they buy the best of everything when it comes to their suits and accessories. Careful planning and investing on the pieces that truly matter can help extend your clothing dollars and give you the illusion of a much bigger and better wardrobe.Here are the top three things to invest money on:Suits: This is the focal point of the out fit. A bad suit can be spotted from a mile away and what you think you are saving by going with an ill fitting and cheaply made suit you will lose ten fold in the long run.To get the best value out of your suit choose quality. Opt for the best construction you can afford. Opt for the best materials you can afford. And once you find the suit, do your research. Take it to a great tailor and have it fitted to you. There is nothing worse than investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a quality made suit only to skip on the fitting and have it be ill fitting.Shoes: This is the most overlooked area of men’s clothing. A truly great pair of shoes changes the texture of the outfit. Just like in suits poorly made shoes of questionable quality are easily spotted. From the shape, to the way the leather wears, there is no hiding it.Start with a toe box (the shape of the shoe) in a classic and slightly modern shape. Too modern and you run the risk of looking silly once the trend passes, too classic and the shoe becomes too inconspicuous. Next, look for deep rich leather. it should be supple and robust at the same time, with color that seems like it goes through the grain and deep into the leather.Shirts: Most guys will gladly spend on a suit but will hold back on quality dress shirts. There is a perceived value that comes into play here. A great dress shirt can run about the same as a mid range priced suit, and that high price tag just freezes guys in their tracks.This is not the place to hold back. Polyester blend dress shirts look cheap. Bad dress shirts do not hold their shape and tend to sag. It is just not worth it.When investing in a dress shirt look for fit and materials. 100% cotton is always the right choice. A great option would be to find a reputable custom shirt maker to whip you up a batch.If you splurge on these things and go ahead and hold back on the other details such as belts, cuff links and even ties, you are well on your way to creating a truly great and balanced wardrobe.

Supplies and Accessories for Hen Nights

Getting married is a very important step in your life. It is something that changes your world completely. You go from being alone to being tied up with another person, and in most cases you have to adapt to that one person’s needs and requirements. So it is very important for everyone to enjoy the last night of single life.Marriage is a stressful step for most. So before plunging into your new, committed life with all its new responsibilities and burdens, one last fun filled night to celebrate your single-hood is necessary!The hen night is a party organized for the bride-to-be by her best friends. This night should be planned by the person who knows the most about the likes and the dislikes of the bride, so that the bride can truly enjoy this fun-filled night. So the hen night or the bachelor party must be planned in the best possible way.The hen party must be planned according to the taste of the bride. You should also keep in mind the character of the bride and then plan the party. You should decide which days you want party on and which days it is possible for the bride to come. Apart from these things you should also know the accessories that you need for your party. At some of the hen nights people who are really bold bring things like dirty clothes and sex toys just to add a little more drama to the party atmosphere.It is very important to know which accessories would work best on the hen night. The decorations are an essential part of the party, as they say a lot about your involvement in the party that you have planned for your friend. The accessories depend on the theme of the party. There are many event management companies that specialize in organizing such parties. You can hire such a company and let them organize the perfect party for your friend that she will always remember.You can even add a more personalized touch to the party which you throw. These can be incorporated by asking the guests to wear clothes of a certain type or a specific color just so that you can set a theme. There are many types of outfits which you can choose from. There are types of outfits like mythical creatures, favorite action figures, etc. You can even call male strip tease to inject excitement in the party.The best thing about having the same outfits for the guests is that you can choose an outfit for the party which is totally different. This is just a gesture which would make your friend feel special. You can also accessorize the brides outfit by adding things like tiaras, wings, sashes, etc.

What Fishing Tackle and Accessories Do You Really Need?

If you’ve decided to take up fishing, then you might already know exactly what you need, or alternatively, you might not know where to start.Here’s what you’ll need:1. You’ll need a fishing rod, but this doesn’t have to be the most expensive, or the most hi-tech. You’ll want your fishing rod to be comfortable so that you can hold it all day, and be easy to use.2. Fly Fishing Reels are also important, and you’ll want to make sure that you have the right one for the sort of fishing that you’ll be doing. You might one with ha sturdy handle for salmon fishing, or that allows you to strip the line easily if you’re fishing for trout.3. Your fishing lines are important, and you’ll want to make sure that the ones you are using are suitable for the fish you’re catching. You’ll need stronger lines for bigger and heavier fish, as you don’t want the line to break.4. Waders are not essential for many anglers, however, if you intend to be fishing stood in a river, then you’ll want to stay dry. Waders are available in different styles, and some offer additional insulation and padding, so that you can stay warm whilst fishing.5. You’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of bait too. You might be using flies, or fly tying and creating your own bait. You’ll soon learn which flies are the most successful.6. You’ll need a bait box of some sort, so that you can carry all the bait you need with you easily. You’ll want one with plenty of compartments so that it’s easy to which bait you need.7. Although you don’t need specialised clothing to go fishing. You’ll want to make sure that you have a warm jacket, with plenty of pockets so that you can stay warm all day. You might want your jacket to be waterproof or windproof to give you additional protection.8. As well as keeping your body warm and dry, you’ll want to you’re your feet warm and dry too. You’ll want either a pair of Wellingtons or decent boots. You’ll need plenty of grip for walking on wet and muddy surfaces, and plenty of ankle support in case you slip.9. A fishing bag is the best way to store your fishing tackle, so that you have everything you need with you. You won’t lose anything important, or leave anything behind when you go fishing.10. You’ll also need floatants and sinkants, to either float your bait, or float it. Some fish are surface feeder, so you’ll need your bait to look and act realistically.Now you know what you need, you’ll be able to get all the fishing tackle you need.