Identifying The New School Moves and Accessories

About three decades ago, we witnessed the Old School era of dancing and music, which involved funky styles and classical routines.And then came the transition, and in the last decade, came the New School era, with its fast beats, aggressive dances, and more subtle styles. From Harlem shake to c-walk, Hip Hop was on the rise, as the major form of dancing in the modern times.The music was altered too, from regular funk to the new style of rapping, the movement was quite profound. People stating doing DJing and all of this was being made more popular through the advancements being made in South Bronx, in New York City.The dancing attire got a lot of attention, since the new era focused on more free and fast dancing styles, needing the clothes to be more lose than before.Sweat pants and track suit trousers were in, as they allowed rapid and easy movement of legs, for the ease of the dancers. Baggy clothes weren’t preferred though, since they created more problems than benefits for the dancers.T-shirts gained some high marks too, with loose one for men and tight ones for the females. Some people sported hoodies too, as they deemed fit according to their tastes.Shoes became the biggest obsession. However, this was justified, since dances required unrestricted movements from the dancers, hence needing the shoes to be made perfect to fit the routines. It could have been very dangerous to have your shoes stuck to the floor while you are in the middle of jumpy and wavy dance routine.Some other items came into play too, like bands for wrists, and jewelry for instance, but these were avoided while dancing, since they can pose a threat to the dancers.The New School era promoted graffiti as well, interlinking it to Hip Hop and times, making them combined.