The Top 3 Items to Splurge on to Build a Great Wardrobe of Men’s Suits and Accessories

If we all had unlimited budgets to build our wardrobe this list would not be necessary, We would simply buy the items that are built to a standard and what ever they cost, they cost. In men’s tailored clothing those prices can be quite exorbitant. For the vast majority of us this is not an option. Very few people are capable nor should they buy the best of everything when it comes to their suits and accessories. Careful planning and investing on the pieces that truly matter can help extend your clothing dollars and give you the illusion of a much bigger and better wardrobe.Here are the top three things to invest money on:Suits: This is the focal point of the out fit. A bad suit can be spotted from a mile away and what you think you are saving by going with an ill fitting and cheaply made suit you will lose ten fold in the long run.To get the best value out of your suit choose quality. Opt for the best construction you can afford. Opt for the best materials you can afford. And once you find the suit, do your research. Take it to a great tailor and have it fitted to you. There is nothing worse than investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a quality made suit only to skip on the fitting and have it be ill fitting.Shoes: This is the most overlooked area of men’s clothing. A truly great pair of shoes changes the texture of the outfit. Just like in suits poorly made shoes of questionable quality are easily spotted. From the shape, to the way the leather wears, there is no hiding it.Start with a toe box (the shape of the shoe) in a classic and slightly modern shape. Too modern and you run the risk of looking silly once the trend passes, too classic and the shoe becomes too inconspicuous. Next, look for deep rich leather. it should be supple and robust at the same time, with color that seems like it goes through the grain and deep into the leather.Shirts: Most guys will gladly spend on a suit but will hold back on quality dress shirts. There is a perceived value that comes into play here. A great dress shirt can run about the same as a mid range priced suit, and that high price tag just freezes guys in their tracks.This is not the place to hold back. Polyester blend dress shirts look cheap. Bad dress shirts do not hold their shape and tend to sag. It is just not worth it.When investing in a dress shirt look for fit and materials. 100% cotton is always the right choice. A great option would be to find a reputable custom shirt maker to whip you up a batch.If you splurge on these things and go ahead and hold back on the other details such as belts, cuff links and even ties, you are well on your way to creating a truly great and balanced wardrobe.