Identifying The New School Moves and Accessories

About three decades ago, we witnessed the Old School era of dancing and music, which involved funky styles and classical routines.And then came the transition, and in the last decade, came the New School era, with its fast beats, aggressive dances, and more subtle styles. From Harlem shake to c-walk, Hip Hop was on the rise, as the major form of dancing in the modern times.The music was altered too, from regular funk to the new style of rapping, the movement was quite profound. People stating doing DJing and all of this was being made more popular through the advancements being made in South Bronx, in New York City.The dancing attire got a lot of attention, since the new era focused on more free and fast dancing styles, needing the clothes to be more lose than before.Sweat pants and track suit trousers were in, as they allowed rapid and easy movement of legs, for the ease of the dancers. Baggy clothes weren’t preferred though, since they created more problems than benefits for the dancers.T-shirts gained some high marks too, with loose one for men and tight ones for the females. Some people sported hoodies too, as they deemed fit according to their tastes.Shoes became the biggest obsession. However, this was justified, since dances required unrestricted movements from the dancers, hence needing the shoes to be made perfect to fit the routines. It could have been very dangerous to have your shoes stuck to the floor while you are in the middle of jumpy and wavy dance routine.Some other items came into play too, like bands for wrists, and jewelry for instance, but these were avoided while dancing, since they can pose a threat to the dancers.The New School era promoted graffiti as well, interlinking it to Hip Hop and times, making them combined.

Artist Inspired Eco-Friendly Fashion and Accessories

Eco-friendly fashion has enormous momentum! Everyone these days recycles something and countless people recycle as much as they possible can. Recycling not only includes the gathering of recyclable materials raw and otherwise, but also includes reusing items in new products that may otherwise be thrown away. Next would be purchasing products that have recycled content. This is a recycling loop. One person’s refuse becomes another person’s prized piece of art!In the world of handcrafted fashion accessories aged metal found at a neighbor’s deconstruction site may be cut into various shapes and sizes and used by artists to make incredible pieces of beautiful jewelry embellished with pearls and gemstones. Broken pieces of colorful glass bottles tumbled in a rock polisher make gorgeous pendants. Bicycle parts, nuts and bolts, bottle caps and more remake their way into our lives in various merchandise. Jeans have a way of becoming jackets, totes and backpacks. Belts become the straps of shoulder bags. Metal cut from coffee cans may become components of earrings. The creativity of recycling by our talented artists is unlimited! Recycling refuse and unwanted objects into beautiful new items that may be worn or used everyday inspires many artists. Looking at a throw away object determining how it can be creatively changed into something useful whether it be jewelry, clothing, household goods or home d├ęcor is a fun artistic challenge.People feel very good about buying their fashion accessories, home furnishings and domestic goods from artist that are being environmentally friendly by reusing materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. Does their creativity inspire you to recycle items you may be thinking of tossing aside? For many it does.Purchasing items made with secondhand materials is win win situation for both the artist and the consumer. Not only are we preventing the need for future landfills we are also preventing future pollution from the processing of raw materials. Also we are saving energy and conserving our great natural resources such as vegetation, water, mineral deposits and our precious forests.Environmentally friendly artists not only create custom gemstone jewelry using previously used materials and components, the boxes that jewelry is packaged in are made from recycled paper, the mailing envelopes are made with recycled materials and the bubble wrap is on its second or third time around. Even the packaging the artists supplies arrive at their studios in are recycled and all the invoices are printed on paper that has been recycled!

Bedroom Makeover: Organize and Store Your Clothing and Accessories

Is your bedroom a complete mess? Is it impossible for you to find a place to put all of your clothes, hats, jackets and other things?Then you need to organize your bedroom in way that is efficient and will save you space.Find everything that doesn’t have a placeStart by finding everything in your room that doesn’t have a set place in be stored. This will help you see what is making your room a mess and will make it easier to find a solution. If you find items that you haven’t used in years and you will never use again then get rid of them. If you feel like it’s too good to throw away, donate it to charity. You have to be realistic when deciding to throw something away; if you didn’t even know it was there then it can go!Efficient StorageYou will be surprised at how much you can actually fit in your closet and bedroom with the right furniture. The key is to make the most of the space you have available. Many people have a ton of space that they don’t even know is available. If you have blank walls, nothing on the back of your door or items in your closet that only take up half a compartment then you can free up your space.Over the Door HangerMany people don’t use the space on their bedroom door and it is actually a great place to store hats, bags, gloves, jackets and many other big clothing items. I personally have a baseball cap rack on the back of my door which hangs my 20 baseball caps. You can find racks that simply hang over your door and have several pegs or hooks on which you can hang whatever you want. I suggest hanging up your bigger items that take up room in your closet such as jackets, coats and hats. You can find these racks online or from your local furniture store.Wall Mounted RackAnother space in most people’s bedrooms that is underutilized is the space on your walls. A wall mounted rack is a perfect place to hang your backpack, hats, umbrella, gloves and almost any other clothing item or accessory. The great thing about a wall mounted rack is that all your items are easily accessible and it is a great decorative piece. A wall mounted rack is generally fixed to your wall with a mounting bracket and screws. If you don’t want to damage your wall you can find racks that are fixed to your wall using adhesive strips.Standing RackA standing rack is great for the corner of your bedroom as it is compact but can hold your big items. I find standing racks are perfect for hanging up a coat or jacket which would take up a lot of room in the closet. A typical wooden rack will cost $20-$50 and will last a lifetime which makes it the perfect piece of furniture.Take ActionIf you are serious about organizing your bedroom then you need to take action now. Start to go through all your junk when you have a few hours and start to sort it out. Have a look online at racks and other organizers that will help sort your clothes out. You will be amazed at how much space you actually have in your bedroom.